Odessa City

The City of Odessa was founded by the Decree of Russian Empress Catherine II in 1794 and XIX century witnessed a swift development of the port and the city. The new city quickly became a major success - one of the most beautiful ones in the Russian Empire, the recognized center of trade, industry, transport, culture and education in the south of the country. Presently, in spite of general decline of economic activity in the newly independent Ukraine (economic and political crises), Odessa still stands its ground as a leader in the field of trade, financial activity and logistics.

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Odessa is a large transport nodal point of Ukraine with Odessa International Airport, sometimes called "Odessa Central", which serves both domestic flights and ones to many European and Middle East capitals. Scheduled flights to quite a number of destinations in the neighbouring countries are possible only via Kyiv. There exists a high-quality direct railway and bus service to take you to Odessa. Coaches leave straight from Boryspil International Airport, 29 km east of Kyiv.

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