Getting to the University

Fig.1 Map of Odessa and fixed-run-taxi #150 route

Fig.2 Map of the Railway Station

Fig.3 Location of OSENU

The University is located in 15 Lvivska Street (see Fig. 1, 3). From the railway station (Fig. 2) it's better to go by fixed-route taxis №124, 145, 150 (the fastest way), 221 or by the trams №26, 31 to the stop "The 7th station of Lustdorfs'ka Doroga (Lustdorf Drive)" and by the tram №18 to the stop "The 13th station of Fontans'ka Doroga (Fountain Drive)".

The list of Odessa taxi services you can find here: Taxi in Odessa, TaksiOdessa

15 Lvivska Str, Odessa, 65016, Ukraine. Phone: +38 048 785 2720
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